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Heather found a Tumblr pretzel

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I made something

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Fun fact: British tobacco has mini-motivational posters printed on it.

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Crappy day to be on top of the Empire State Building! (at Empire State Building)

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Mother and wife, ignoring me at the same time.

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Omg the view from our new apartment. TREES!

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This is a quarter holding a door open. Via the movers.

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Tech thought leaders keep handing out free wisdom, so I started collecting it.

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Ghosts have needs too

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#BucketList Item No. 50 | Frolic with Penguins in Antarctica

Inspired by @velvetescape

Typography by Ryan Hamrick

Put on your formal wear, it’s time to hang out with some tuxedo-ed fellas! While Antarctic penguins aren’t exactly accustomed to humans, they’re sure to welcome you with wide-open flippers. See how your Capital One Venture Card could take you to receive what may be the coolest welcome yet!

Do you really think it’s appropriate to let a credit card company advertise to your millions of teenagers, Tumblr overlords? Just kidding, let’s get them in debt ASAP!

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How much money did Amazon really lose today?

Let’s try a more data-driven analysis of how much Amazon’s sales are affected every minute it’s down.

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Moving in style.

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